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Our Sacred Reviews Page.

Approved Testimonials

3:30 am Nerw York Time..and he can remove a dark entity telepathically across a whole continent!!! WOW!


Dr. DePrince is Amazing!

In the past 3 years, I have personally witnessed dozens of miracles by Dr. DePrince!! Seeing I can now see just about every kind of "being" in Creation; to be able to SEE certain Dark Entities PRIOR to their insidious havoc, thus enables me to begin the spiritual cleansing processes ahead! Often, it is the two of us working together that Heals Spiritual Attacks. The calming effect after our successes cannot be measured or emulated anywhere. It is simply..Divine! Lin's Star PowerS


The Things Dr. T Can Over Power are..Real!!

I have personally known Dr. DePrince for three years and have never ceased being absolutely amazed at his healing powers. He is an angel and a true gentleman. Search no further for the solution to all of your problems. He has saved my life, more than twice!! Love You More, Theo!

LinS Star PowerS

In Defence of Dr. Thessalonia De Prince!

Highly Recommend Dr. Theo DePrince! In the past two years, I have personally known Dr. DePrince, he has kindly done thousands of dollars worth of spiritual healing to Myself and Family on a Pro-Bono Basis! He is the sweetest man you could ever meet and has a huge heart. As the World Evolves to a Higher Plane of Consciousness, I Highly Recommend Dr. DePrince to help you with the problems that just cannot solve elsewhere. Feel free to Contact his Agent to Forward Your Inquires Along . Thank-you. Anonymous HGW Highly Recommend Dr. DePrince


Highly Recommend Dr. DePrince